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AeroTech Wart-Hog

Sale: $105.29

  • Model: ARO-89018
  • Manufactured by: AeroTech

As tough and “stout” as its namesake, the AeroTech Wart-Hog blends E, F, and G performance with the construction convenience of molded fins and self-adhesive decals to create a large rocket of a different breed.


Length: 37"/94 cm
Diameter: 2.6"/6.7 cm
Weight (without motor): 14oz/400g
Fins: 4

Recommended RMS Motors:
E18-4W, E11-3J, E28-4T, F24-4W, F12-3J, F39-6T, F35-5W, E16-4W, F40-7W, F22-5J, F52-8T, G53-5FJ, G64-7W, G71-7R, G76-7G

Recommended Single-Use Motors:

E15-4W, E30-4T, F32-4T, F20-4W, F23-4FJ, F25-6W, F26-6FJ, F27-4R, F42-4T, F50-6T, G38-7FJ, G40-7W, G77-7R, G78-7G, G79-7W, G80-10T

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