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Reloadable Motor System™ (RMS™)

Now you can enjoy high power rocketry at greatly reduced cost, improved reliability
and enhanced flexibility with the RMS Reloadable Motor System from AeroTech!
Since 1990, when AeroTech revolutionized the hobby rocket industry with the invention
and introduction of the RMS, rocket enthusiasts have been enjoying the cost
and performance advantages of AeroTech's line of precision machined reloadable
aluminum rocket motors and reload kits. With the availability of a growing line of
Blue Thunder, White Lightning, Redline, Black Jack, Black Max and Warp-9 propellant
reloading kits, RMS high power rocket enthusiasts not only have tremendous
versatility at their fingertips but also the advantage of flight costs significantly lower
than that available from single-use high power motors!

Newer RMS-EZ motors are slowly being added to the lineup simplify the delay train assembly into one with less parts to simplify the assembly of RMS motors!

Hobby Line RMS

AeroTech introduced the hobby line RMS in 1991. There are AeroTech RMS motors
to fit just about all rocket kits designed for black powder and composite motors. No
modification to the rocket is necessary. As is always the case, you should perform a
stability and strength check to see that the power and weight of a motor is appropriate
for the rocket the motor is to be used in. An investment in RMS give you a position in
a wide range of reload kits. Each RMS motor offers flexible power options.

Single-Use Motors

AeroTech established its position as the leader in hobby rocket motor technology
with its single-use composite motors. Hobby rocketry has come to depend on
AeroTech single-use motors for sport and competition flying.

AeroTech's single-use composite model rocket motors are offered in over 50 different
combinations of physical size, power, burn time, propellant type and delay
length. All AeroTech single-use rocket motors have been certified by the National
Association of Rocketry (NAR) or the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA)
In 1997, AeroTech introduced the "Econojet" line of single-use motors. AeroTech
combined features of performance, design and packaging in the Econojets to create
a line of motors that could be sold at a price point midway between its traditional
single-use motors and RMS reload kits.

In 2003, AeroTech revolutionized single-use motor design with a one-piece molded
case/nozzle unit and matching molded bulkhead with a threaded joint that was first
used in the F20W Econojet. Since then, the new configuration has found its way
into all 29mm AeroTech single-use motors.

With a propellant weight of 30 grams or less, The D21T, E15W, E30T, F20W, F23FJ,
F27R and F42T motors may be shipped via United States Postal Service (USPS)
Parcel Post without incurring a "hazmat" charge.

Loadable Motor System™

In 2006, AeroTech re-introduced the K250PW as its first Loadable Motor System™
(LMS™) motor. The LMS is a single-use motor in kit form that is assembled by the
user. The LMS concept was subsequently expanded
into the model rocket line of motors between 2006 and 2007 with the F20W/L,
F23FJ/L. F27R/L, F42T/L, G77R/L and the G79W/L. All the model rocket LMS kits,
including the G77R/L and the G79W/L, use all-disposable components and may
also be shipped via USPS Parcel Post without incurring a hazmat fee.

DMS (Disposable Motor System)

Another new line of single-use rocket motors that feature an adjustable delay train.  DMS motors come with a 14-second delay that you can adjust down to the needed delay using the Universal Delay Drilling Tool (UDDT).  Just adjust your delay, add the ejection charge and you are ready to fly!

Information courtesy of AeroTech


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