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Sirius Rocketry Interrogator G (29mm version)


  • Model: SR S-0015
  • Manufactured by: Sirius Rocketry

First in the Sirius Rocketry Transition Series

The Transition Series Mid/High Power Interrogator G Near-Space Fighter debuted at NSL 2009!

The Interrogator has become one of the signature kits of Sirius Rocketry. We did not really plan it that way though. When we released the Interrogator and the Mid-Power Interrogator simultaneously, they were both instant hits, with an 18mm size for the model rocketeer crowd, and another for the 24mm mid-power crowd. But the one thing that we kept hearing was that you wanted it even larger.

And that fit right in with the plans we had for a new "Transition Series" of kits, kits that could be flown on model rocket motors, yet could also be flown on high-power motors to help the user transition into high-power rocketry. The Interrogator G is the first example of such a kit. It flies great on F and G motors, and plenty high on them. But if the user wants to try for their Level 1 high-power certification, the Interrogator "G" can comfortably fly on an H motor with its 29mm mount and become an "Interrogator H".

The Interrogator G has many features that make it a fun and easy kit to build and a great one to fly. For starters:

- Heavy-wall body tubes to stand up to the rigors of higher-impulse flight.

- Precision laser-cut aircraft plywood fins and centering rings.

- Unique backplate system strengthens the rudders.

- Four full-color decal sheets. Based on the smaller models, at this scale, you will notice even more detail is included!

- Durable ripstop nylon parachute from our friends at Top Flight Recovery.

- Durable 400-pound test Kevlar™ shock cord mount and generous elastic shock cord to soften the stress of deployment.

- Laser-cut bevel on the intake tube so you do not have to cut the bevel like on the smaller Interrogators.

- Pre-cut dowel details. We do the cutting so you do not have to.

- A detailed 12-page instruction manual that Sirius Rocketry is famous for. It includes clear step-by-step illustrations and several pages of suggestions and tips to help you make the most of your build. Our instruction manuals are based on 40 years of rocketry experience, and users rave about the things they learn about building great models from the tips in our manuals.

- Boxed kit typical of mid-high power kits of a decade or more ago. The box not only helps to protect the large parts much better than a plastic bag, but keeps parts in the kit from distorting and warping better than a plastic bag.

- Many extras are also included so you do not have to purchase them seperately or modify the kit. Like a quick link for the parachute and positive motor retention hardware. These are just some of the things that are optional in other kits. Both a 1/4" launch lug and rail buttons for standard 1010 rail are also included to give you the ability to launch on almost any club's equipment.

The Interrogator G will impress others with its unique slung-fin design, loads of decals and details and graceful flights. And you will have a fantastic futuristic rocket that can take you from beginners composite rocketry with F motors all the way to your Level 1 high-power certification with H motors!

The Interrogator G also frequently tends to ascend with a whistling sound. It is perhaps due to the beveled intake and the ramjet tubes, but however it happens, it is just another cool thing when it does.

Now, anyone who knows us knows that we like them to go up low and slow and not so high that we cannot enjoy the whole flight. But if you want, the Interrogator G can go out of sight.

Length: 44.125 inches

Diameter: 2.245 inches/ 3.00 inches Intake Tube

Motor Mount: 18" Long 29mm Tube

Weight: Approximately 21.5 ounces, dependent on adhesives and finishing.

Parachute: 30" Diameter Ripstop Nylon

Features:  Heavy-Wall body Tubes; Laser-cut intake body tube has the bevel already cut so you do not have to; Lariat Kevlar™ shock cord mount; Laser-cut aircraft plywood fins; 30" ripstop Nylon parachute; pre-cut dowels; unique straddled fin configuration; comprehensive manual; Four full-color waterslide decal sheets with added detail when compared to the smaller models; included extras such as a quick link, both a launch lug and a set of rail buttons, and positive motor retention hardware usually not included in most kits.

Recommended Motors: (29mm)

Consumer: F52-5T (AeroTech RMS),  F50-6T (AeroTech Single-Use), G40-7W (AeroTech Single-Use), G80-7 (AeroTech Single-Use)

Certification/High Power: H128W-M (AeroTech RMS), H180W-M (AeroTech RMS)

Launch Rod Diameter/Rail Info:
(requires 1/4" launch rod or standard "1010" rail)
1/4" Launch Lug and "1010" rail buttons both included for versatility.

Altitiude ranges on recommended motors:

F60-4R 800' (243m) Breezy Day-Shorter Delay
F60-7R 1043' (318m)
F50-6T 1162' (352m)
G80-7R 1642' (500m)
G40-7W 1706' (520m)
G80-7T 1717' (523m)

High-Power motors:

H128W-M 2134' (650m)
H180W-M 2553' (778m)

Skill Level: 2 - Some large model rocket/high-power rocket experience is helpful.



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