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Semroc Kits

Semroc is now under new ownership and we have new stock of Semroc kits slowly coming in. Limited availability, but it is great to see Semroc back! We will get in what we can when we can as production slowly ramps up and we can get our hands on them. Semroc is now made by rocketry lovers in Dayton, Ohio. Welcome back Semroc!

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SEM KV-45 Semroc Blue Bird Zero

Semroc Blue Bird Zero

The Semroc Retro-Repro™ Blue Bird Zero™ is based on Mike Dorffler's popular design from the 1980's. It large size makes it a...


SEM KC-03 Semroc Blue Jay

Semroc Blue Jay

The Semroc Blue Jay is a fun and easy to build boost glider that is a great first kit to try your hand at boost-gliders!   Competitive Performer...


SEM KV-84 Semroc Cherokee D

Semroc Cherokee D

Semroc's Cherokee-D has now been released by popular demand for an early Gene Street design. One of the first D powered designs, it launched a...


SEM KV-95 Semroc Farside X Kit

Semroc Farside X Kit

The Semroc Farside X is a Retro-Repro version of an early Estes kit from 1964. 3-stage vehicle with a large payload section and high flights. Booster...

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SEM KV-94 Semroc Gyroc

Semroc Gyroc

The Semroc Retro-Repro Gyroc is Based on the 1965 Estes kit.  Helocopter Recovery.  Now with laser-cut fins, streamer recovery motor pod,...


SEM KV-65 Semroc Hawk Boost-Glider

Semroc Hawk Boost-Glider

Boost-gliders are fun! The Semroc Hawk is a great way to try your skills at building a boost-glider. The Hawk rockets to apogee, then...


SEM KD-2 Semroc IQSY Tomahawk Kit

Semroc IQSY Tomahawk Kit

At Sirius Rocketry we love scale, so this addition to the Semroc Deci-Scale line fits here nicely. The IQSY Tomahawk is a nice beginners scale...


SEM KD-4 Semroc Iris Kit

Semroc Iris Kit

Another addition to Semroc's Line of Deci-Scale kits. The Iris is another nice beginner's scale model, with an interesting roll...


SEM KN-06 Semroc Jupiter B

Semroc Jupiter B

Oddroc - Experience the Adventures of the Robinson Family Specifications: Skill Level 2   Laser Cut Parts Featherweight Recovery Body Diameter...


SEM KV-33 Semroc Laser-X

Semroc Laser-X

The Centuri Laser-X was one of the signature kits of the Centuri Engineering Company.  Introduced in 1968, it had a great futuristic feel and...


SEM KA-35 Semroc Maple Seed

Semroc Maple Seed

The Semroc Maple Seed flies like a rocket and recovers with a parachute and helicopter-spinning "Maple Seed" fins!   Precision-Turned...

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SEM KV-54 Semroc Mars Lander

Semroc Mars Lander

At Sirius Rocketry, we were excited when one of out all-time-classic favorites was revised and released as part of the "Retro-Repro" line...

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SEM KV-92 Semroc Mars Snooper

Semroc Mars Snooper

The Semroc Retro-Repro Mars Snooper is based on the classic design by Gene Street from 1965. A futuristic Sci-Fi favorite!   Specifications: ...


SEM KV-66 Semroc Orbital Transport

Semroc Orbital Transport

    One of my favorite kits years back was the original Estes Orbital Transport. Based on some early Space Shuttle concepts, the model was...

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SEM KV-41 Semroc Orion

Semroc Orion

One of the Centuri Corporations signature kits, the Orion was the "heavy lifter" of the Centuri fleet. Semroc has brought back this...


SEM KV-58 Semroc Point

Semroc Point

The amazing Point is a conical-stability rocket that is fun to fly on small fields. Retro Repro of the Centuri Point, this model is easy to buils and...


SEM KV-72 Semroc Red-Eye

Semroc Red-Eye

The Semroc Retro-Repro Red-Eye is a re-creation of the 1980 Centuri "War in Space" series. Dower stabilized with streamer recovery. Fun!...

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SEM KN-7 Semroc Sabre Parasite Glider

Semroc Sabre Parasite Glider

Fun glider that can "hitchhike" on many of your rockets and glide back to earth. Laser-Cut Balsa Parts Glides like a fighting Sabre Jet...


SEM KV-73 Semroc Satellite Killer

Semroc Satellite Killer

The Semroc Retro-Repro Satellite Killer is a re-creation of the 1980 Centuri "War in Space" series kit. Cool looks and fun to fly! 14"...


SEM KV-10 Semroc Spaceman

Semroc Spaceman

Semroc Retro-Repro reproduction of the Estes Astron Spaceman features a balsa nose cone, waterslide decals, laser-cut balsa fins and featherweight...

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SEM KV-27 Semroc Swift Boost-Glider

Semroc Swift Boost-Glider

Boost-gliders are fun! The Semroc Swift is a great way to try your skills at building a boost-glider. The Swift rockets to apogee, then...


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