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Sirius Rocketry Laser Decal Sheet-White (1-Pack)


  • Model: SR S-1001
  • Manufactured by: Sirius Rocketry

8-1/2" x 11" decal sheet works great with color copiers or laser printers. White background, since most printers (except Alps) will not print white, gives you a white decal background to print upon. Specially-treated, takes most laser toner and color copier toner with NO need to clearcoat! (Test compatibility with clear overcoat, but when sprayed on in thin mist coats, these work great!) We worked hard to find a laser decal paper that would not lose toner or smudge when printed, and a paper that we would not have to overcoat, and this was it, it works perfectly in color copiers and other equipment. The trick is a special coating on the paper that is protected by a paper sheet that you have to remove before printing. Then, you just print, and have a wonderful decal sheet. Our secret find is your gain, make your own decals!

Single sheet pack.

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