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Aerotech Interlock Launch Controller

$99.99  $84.99

  • Model: ARO-89381
  • Manufactured by: AeroTech

A launch controller is only as good as it is safe and convenient. When armed, the Aerotech Interlock Launch Controller emits a high-pitched warning tone to alert spectators to the impending launch. You cannot launch your rocket unless you hold the launch key in the armed position while pressing the launch button. After firing the Key Eject System automatically disarms the firing circuit for the utmost in personal protection. The Aerotech Interlock Controller is conveniently designed with heavy-duty alligator clips that can hook up directly to a car's 12 volt battery, a lead-acid or gel-cell battery or even (for the ultimate in portability) one of those great car jump-start units. All you have to do is hook up the alligator clips to your 12V DC power source. To assist in placing you at a safe launch distance, the Aerotech Interlock Launch Controller also incorporates 40 feet of heavy-duty power cord.

The flip-top cover and the yellow-and-black-striped Aerotech theme make this launch controller even more desirable as the one that can do it all!

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