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Sirius Rocketry Thrust Ring Tool Set


  • Model: SR P-9030
  • Manufactured by: Sirius Rocketry

Set of tools designed to set engine blocks/thrust rings easily at the normal distance inside the motor mount tube for standard model rockets (so that 1/4" of motor/engine hangs out the back of the tube).

Works with thick and thin thrust rings/engine blocks from mini-engines (BT-5) through 18mm (BT-20) standard engines and 24mm D-Size (BT-50) and 24mm E-Size (BT-50) engines.  Tools assemble quickly and disassemble equally fast to store flat in your workshop or range box. Motor size is laser-engraved on each tool.  Built-in stop on each tool sets the thrust ring at the proper depth inside the body tube while the special design of the tool helps to avoid those situations that you have with normal tools where the tools get stuck in the tube (as with expended casings and those yellow spacer tubes). 

Precision Laser-Cut Plywood Tool Set.

Tool Set with ring.


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