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SR SP-006 54mm Tube Cuttings (2)

54mm Tube Cuttings (2)

When we manufacture some of our kits and cut tubes to length, we often have some odd lengths of leftover tubing.  We frequently have leftover...

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SR SP-0002 6.13 x 10.75-inch Length flexible phenolic tubes.

6.13 x 10.75-inch Length flexible phenolic tubes.

These are flexible phenolic tubes, the same standard 6.13" diameter tubes we use in our Saturn kits. We get the tubes, then cut them to length...


SR SP-0003 BT-5 -sized resin nose cones.

BT-5 -sized resin nose cones.

We made a set of molds for demonstrating resin-casting at various conventions and seminars, and one was one of a BT-5-sized nose cone. Now, while we...

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