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Rocketarium Roland Surface-To-Air Missile

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  • Model: RK 1027
  • Manufactured by: Rocketarium

Roland Surface-To-Air Missile

The Roland was part of a mobile S.A.M. system. The missiles were fired from a tube. As soon as they left the tube, the fins popped into place.

Different versions were developed by the U.S. Army and the French/German armed forces. The US and European missiles were fully compatible. The US version never made it past the development stage and was never used in battle. The model rocket comes with a lot of nose weight, required for stable flight. As a result, launches are slow and majestic. The weight limits altitude, which is great for smaller launch sites.

The kit includes all parts required to build the rocket, including parachute kit for recovery.


    Overall length : 26.50"
    Diameter : 1.637" (BT60)
    Fin Span : 5.25"
    Weight : 7.1oz

Recommended Motors:

    Estes D12-3 D12-5
    Aerotech RMS D15-7

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