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Rocketarium Mega Vortico Rocket Kit

Sale: $16.11

  • Model: RK 1026
  • Manufactured by: Rocketarium

Mega Vortico Rocket Kit

If you're looking to mix up your rocket fleet, take the Mega Vortico for a spin. These oddrocs fly straight up while spinning. That motion results in helicoptering on the way down for a smooth landing. The Mega Vortico doesn't land far from where it took off. This is a great rocket for launch sites with small recovery area.

This rocket kit comes with seven (7) pieces of pre-cut lightweight wood. Launch lug and motor tube are also included. Fully illustrated instructions make assembly a breeze. Painting the rocket is optional.

Not for use on windy days. Use a short (1 foot) launch rod.


Skill Level: 1
Diameter: 7.5" (18 cm)
Estimated Weight: 5 oz. (140 g)

Recommended Motors:

Recommended Single Use Engines: C11-0, D12-0, D12-3, E12-0, E12-4, E15-P, E15-4
Recommended 24/40 Reloads: D9-4, D15-4, E18-4, E28-4, F12-3, F24-4
Pro24®: 24E22


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