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Rocketarium Frangible ARCAS Rocket

Sale Price: $25.46

  • Model: RK 1005
  • Manufactured by: Rocketarium

Frangible ARCAS Hobby Rocket

During the 1960's, the Frangible ARCAS was developed as a rocket that could be flown over residential areas. To avoid damage to property, or injury, upon landing, the rocket was destroyed in mid-air. It has a sheet of explosive material wrapped around the airframe. Once the explosive was triggered, the rocket was reduced to particle sizes with acceptable levels of kinetic impact energy.

The scale Frangible ARCAS model separates at motor ejection and descends under a parachute.

The kit doesn't get blown to pieces and can enjoy many flights, as opposed to the real deal.


      Overall length : Just over 3 foot (36.50")
      Diameter : 1.637" (BT60)
      Fin Span : 4.647"
      Weight : 4.4oz

Recommended Motors:

      Estes® D12-5
      Single Use Aerotech® E20-7
      Reloadable Aerotech® E18-7, E28-7, F24-7

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Rocketarium Frangible ARCAS Rocket
Rocketarium Frangible ARCAS Rocket
Sale Price: $25.46

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