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Rocketarium Daedalus Two-Stage Rocket Kit

Sale: $29.71

  • Model: RK 1003
  • Manufactured by: Rocketarium

Rocketarium Daedalus Two-Stage Rocket

A nice and large two-stage kit!

From the Rocketarium description: This is the command-center for the infamous project Minos. Daedalus has been orbiting the sun from a safe distance for some time, acquiring massive amounts of radiation data. It's mission is to safely guide the Icarus ships to the sun's surface for final approach.

The Daedalus' two-stage design catapulted it into orbit quickly, well ahead of the Icarus science vessels. It took two D impulse class rocket motors to get the job done.


    Overall length : Over 3 feet tall (38.75)"
    Diameter : 1.637" (BT60)
    Fin Span : 5.63"
    Weight : 3.9oz

Recommended Motors:

    Booster : Estes® D12-0
    Sustainer : Estes® D12-5


As a two-stage model rocket kit, the Daedalus has both a booster and sustainer stage to be built. These stages must fit correctly to ensure smooth staging.

There are two stages to be assembled, and fins to be cut (balsa and fin templates included), which make this a Skill Level 4 kit.


Some of the parts included with this model rocket kit are : self-adhesive decals, balsa fin stock, fin templates, laser-cut plywood centering rings, translucent nose cone, 15" plastic parachute kit.

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