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Quest Q-Jet 24mm F41-5W Rocket Engines (2pk)


  • Model: QST 6160
  • Manufactured by: Quest Aerospace

Quest Q-Jet 24mm x 95mm (E-Size) Composite F41-5W

The new F41W model rocket motor is a mid-range "F" producing nearly 47.7 N-Sec (10.7 lb.-Sec) of total impulse with a 1.1 second burn time. Using 0.96 oz. (27.1 g) of White Lightning propellant, AeroTech's most popular solid composite propellant formulation, this new motor has a total weight of 2.0 oz. (56.9 g). AeroTech's White Lightning propellant produces a brilliant white exhaust plume. bright white smoke and a throaty roar at lift-off. This new Q-Jet rocket motor uses the same family of aerospace grade solid composite propellant as NASA's Space Shuttle boosters, military missiles, sounding rockets and NASA's SLS moon rocket boosters. The F41W generates a peak thrust of 54.2 N (12.2 Ib.) with an average thrust of 42.2 N (9.5 lb.).


The F41W is available in 5 (No. 6160), 8 (No. 6162) and 1 (No. 6164) second delay times and features a built-in thrust ring eliminating the need for an internal motor block. This 24mm x 95mm Q-Jet rocket motor is smaller and 40% lighter than its 29mm × 114mm F15 black powder (BP) competitor and is designed to fit a much broader range of rocket kits. The new smaller and lighter F41W model rocket motor delivers 96.2% of the total impulse of an F15 BP model rocket motor.

F41W Specifications

Diameter: 24mm (0.95”)

Length: 95mm (3.7”)

Propellant: White Lightning™

Total Impulse: 47.7 N-Sec. (10.7 lb.-Sec.)

Burn Time: 1.1 Seconds

Peak Thrust: 54.2 N (12.2 lb.)

Delay Time: 5, 8 and 11 seconds

Propellant Weight: 27.1 g (0.96 oz.)

Loaded Weight: 56.9 g (2.0 oz.)


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