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- Inkjet Decal Paper Instructions

Sirius Rocketry Inkjet Decal Paper 

Printing Instructions For Inkjet Printers


  • Step #1: Design your decals using any graphic software program. (Use 8 1/2 " x 11" sheet INK JET Decal Paper or cut sheet into halves if desired.)


  • Step #2: Set your printer as follows:


    • Resolution = Best


    • Paper = Photo Gloss


    • (Print your decal on the glossy side of INK JET Decal Paper.)


NOTE: Some inkjet printers apply ink heavier than others.  If you find that the ink is being delivered so heavily that it is beading up on the decal paper, reduce the printing resolution of the printer, or try printing in economy (ink saving) mode.


  • Step #3: Since most inkjet printers print with water-soluble inks, you MUST spray a protective coat of clear acrylic spray over the ink to keep the ink from bleeding when you dip the decal in water later on. Spray your printed sheet evenly (and in LIGHT coats – heavy, wet coats WILL make your ink run!) with Krylon Acrylic Crystal Clear High Gloss spray until the sheet has a shine (2-3 coats). Allow 30 to 60 minutes to dry and set. (Krylon spray acrylic product is available at any craft or hardware store such as True Value, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Walmart, etc. Any acrylic clear coat spray will work.)


  • Step #4: Cut out your image using a standard pair of sharp household scissors.


  • Step #5: Place decal into a cup of clean water for 45-60 seconds and remove when the thin decal film begins to slip along backing. (Discard backing material after the decal has been removed)


  • Step #6: Apply decal to clean surface; ceramic, glass, metal, plastic, soap, candles, mylar balloons, model trains, planes, cars, etc.
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