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Moldin' Oldies SRMO SV-1100 1/100 Saturn Cone and Fairing Set


  • Model: SRMO SV1100
  • Manufactured by: Moldin Oldies by Sirius Rocketry

(Now Includes the new accurate Boost Protective Cover CM/LES casting redesigned by David Miller)

Can't tell you how many escape towers I have destroyed on my Saturn V's over the years. Seems the delicate tower is the first to go. Mike Schmidt originally made this set as the first "Moldin' Oldies" product, as a sturdier replacement for the stock parts. In Mike's own words from the old Moldin' Oldies website:

"In order to fly my 1/100 Scale Apollo Saturn V with "E" and "F" reload motors, I decided to strengthen the Command Module/Escape Tower area at the top of the rocket as well as the fin/fairing area at the bottom of the rocket."

"The Escape Tower on top of the Command Module is notorious for being damaged during flight or landing (or while just sitting there). I decided to make my escape tower area solid plastic instead of the fragile scaffolding of the original. I cast everything from the Command Module to the top of the rocket as one piece."

"The original fin/fairing assembly is vacuum-formed plastic and has very little strength. I decided to cast the assembly as one piece and make the fairing wall thicker to take the higher launch loads as well as withstand the impact of landings".

This set contains the capsule/escape tower casting, and the four fin/fairing castings. Note that these parts are heavier than the originals. The fin fairing parts are easily fine-fit by wrapping a piece of 200-grit sandpaper around the main BT-101 body tube and lightly sanding the root edge of the fairing piece.

A note about Moldin' Oldies polyurethane castings:

While quite strong, these castings are just a bit "softer" than plastic parts. If sanding is necessary, they do sand beautifully. These parts have all of the detail of the originals but they may not have all of the strength in the shock cord attachment loop, or the loop may have been eliminated from the casting to prevent it being used for shock cord attachment. You may want to consider alternate methods of attaching shock chords and parachutes, just to be safe.

They should be finished with enamel based primers and paints. (Lacquers don't work too well and should probably be avoided.) These parts are also resistant to solvents so typical plastic cement or plastic welder will not work on them. Epoxy (like the Bob Smith epoxy that we offer) is ideal for these parts.

Lists of old kits that used this cone can be found at Scott Hansen's Ye Olde Rocket Shoppe, a fantastic rocket builder's reference!

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