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Dr. Zooch Saturn V


  • Model: DZ Saturn V
  • Manufactured by: Dr. Zooch

Dr. Zooch Saturn V

Improved - now contains laser-cut parts.

Part of the fun of "Ant Scale" Dr. Zooch kits is in the building, and humorous instructions. And the humor found in the product descriptions...

"If you came here looking for an Estes K-39… this AIN’T it! Although this model is about the same size, it is a vastly improved rocket. Remember back to when you bought your first semi-scale Saturn V? Sometime between 1969 and 1979 and as you rode your bike back from the hobby store, with the rocket kit and bag gripped onto the handlebars, you envisioned your backyard turned into Launch Complex 39 as your ant-sized Saturn V thundered into the sky with USA and the American flags on its side, F-1 engines hard at work. Then remember when you finished the kit and you looked at it and said to yourself “What a piece of cr&p!” There were no details, no USAs, no F-1 engines!"

"It hardly even looked like a Saturn V. And on the first or second flight at least one of those stinking glass fins broke away and was lost so the rocket was no good anymore. Well here at Dr. Zooch Rockets we have developed an ant-scale Saturn V that has ALL of the details!"

"GONE are the glass fins, GONE are the pain-to-build engine fairings. Included are the full set of decals with all of the USAs, and first motion markings, INCLUDED are the F-1 engines and they do not have to come off for flight! THIS IS the ant-scale Saturn V that you dreamed of as a kid and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get it, so if you lose it in a tree, you afford to buy another one. In designing this kit we used RockSim software and balanced the vehicle so that it could fly with tiny fins that are just 10% larger than true scale. And it really flies too!"

"Put in a “C” engine and you’ll chase it for a half mile. Everything you need is in the kit. We even give you extra decals for when you screw one up.."

Length: 18"
Recommended Motor: C6-5

Dr. Zooch "Ant Scale" kits are a great way to build a collection of fun-to-build and fun-to-fly scale model rocket kits on a budget. With a wide range of scale subjects, proposed vehicles, and a few fun originals thrown in you will definitely find a few favorites that you want to own. Many come with pre-printed wraps with lots of detail, and feature fun and innovative construction methods. And when you are done with the kits, they even store nicely in the box that they come in!

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