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AeroTech Arreaux

Sale Price: $72.24

  • Model: ARO-89013
  • Manufactured by: AeroTech

AeroTech's trademark rocket with the famous AeroTech logo and slanted broken stripe theme.  Pronounced “aero,” the Arreaux’s payload section makes it perfect for lofting altimeters, accelerometers, and other experimental projects. With “G” powered flights exceeding 3000 feet, this rocket cranks!

Now includes screw-on aluminum 29mm motor retainer!


Length: 43"/109 cm
Diameter: 1.9"/4.7 cm
Weight (without motor): 12oz/340g
Fins: 3

Recommended RMS Motors:

D15-4T, E18-4W, E11-5J, E28-7T, F24-7W, F12-5J, F39-6T, F35-8W, E16-7W, E23-5T, F40-10W, F22-7J, F52-8T, G53-7FJ, G64-10W, G71-10R, G76-10G

Recommended Single-Use Motors:

E15-7W, E30-7T, F32-8T, F20-7W, F23-7FJ, F25-9W, F26-9FJ, F27-8R, F42-8T, F50-9T, G38-7FJ, G40-10W, G77-10R, G78-10G, G79-10W, G80-13T



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AeroTech Arreaux
AeroTech Arreaux
Sale Price: $72.24

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